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Montachusett Regional Planning Commission Meeting

Thursday, September 7 2023 at 7:00 PM
Other: See Agenda, Specified in Agenda ,

This meeting was posted Tuesday, September 5 2023 at 2:11 PM


7:00 PM 1. Open Meeting, Introductions and Announcements
7:05 PM 2. MRPC Minutes – August 3, 2023 – Approval of Commissioners Requested
7:10 PM 3. Cash Schedule – August 2023 – Acceptance of Commissioners Requested
7:15 PM 4. Guest Announcements and Questions
7:16 PM 5. Policy and Legislative Updates
5.1 Shaun Suhoski, Member, Rural Policy Advisory Commission (RPAC) Update
5.2 Irene Condon, Municipal Assistance Coordinator Introduction and
Appreciation to Tessa Davis for 19 Years as the Director of MassToss Working on
Implementing Waste Reduction Plan Created by MRPC, Rural Community Assistance
Program (RCAP) and MasDEP in 2005
Meeting Registration Link:
September 7, 2023 MRPC Meeting Registration
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MRPC Meeting Material:
September 7, 2023 MRPC Meeting Material
5.3 Mara Shulman, Conservation Law Foundation – Pending Legislation (Updating
the Bottle Bill and the Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban at Checkout)
8:30 PM 6. Administrative Matters
6.1 Proposed Budget Amendment and Hiring and Promotions Report and
Resolution for Multiple Positions
6.2 Hiring of Grant Writer
6.3 Adoption of Payment Policy
The Executive Director recommends the adoption of the following policy:
“From this date forward entities hiring the MRPC for planning and
related services shall compensate the Montachusett Regional Planning
Commission no more than monthly and no less than quarterly.”
BE IT RESOLVED that the Montachusett Regional Planning Commissioners
hereby adopt the policy as presented above.
6.4 Other Administrative Matters
8:45 PM 7. Department Updates
MRPC is moving toward an online mapping tool for department updates. This
information will be rolled out as early as October and will replacing the quarterly
Contract Statis Report. Commissioners are welcome at any time to contact staff to
obtain contract updates.
7.1 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
7.2 Planning & Development
7.3 Transit & Transportation
8:50 PM 8. New Business
This time is reserved for topics that the chair did not reasonably anticipate would be
8:55 PM 9. Adjournment - The date of the next MRPC meeting – October 5, 2023, 7:00 p.m.
This meeting will be recorded by the GoToMeeting app and will be made available for
viewing at
This notice is subject to change with reasonable notice provided to all

The listing of topics that the Chair reasonably anticipates will be discussed at the meeting is not intended as a guarantee of the topics that will have been discussed. Not all topics listed may in fact be discussed, and other topics not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.